On February 16, 1995 the DCE Users Group of Michigan met at the University of Michigan's Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI). The meeting was sponsored by the Client/Server Exchange, a joint partnership of IBM and the University of Michigan promoting open, client/server computing.

Hosting the meeting was Bill Hampton of U-M/CITI. Robert Duncan of Northern Telecom kept the minutes. Thanks to the "Client/Server Exchange" for keeping the coffee pots filled and allowing Bill Hampton the time to organize and coordinate this meeting. The meeting began with a discussion of how to organize the group. We developed a set of guidelines.


Attendee Organizations at the first meeting included:


Ted Hanss, Director of CITI and Chairperson of the OSF End User Steering Committee, gave a review of DCE developer conference meetings and current state of End User Steering Committee activities. He also discussed OSF/DCE V1.1, noting some of the following enhancements:

Ted talked about the OSF/DCE V1.2 Pre-Structured Technology Process, including issues such as:

The question was asked, "What's keeping OSF alive?"
Ted's reponse was "Year-to-year vendor funding and COSE arbitration".

Andy Adamson of CITI gave a summary presentation of DECORUM '95 indicating a tremendous increase in attendance, tools, and use of DCE over the 1994 DECORUM. Andy discussed the keynotes, solutions, onsite vendor list, a product focus list, and an application providers list.

The meeting minutes were kept by:

Robert Duncan
Northern Telecom, Global Information Networks
Technical Services Manager, Global Network Computing
Phone: 313/973-4567 FAX: 313/973-4572

This supplemented version of the minutes was prepared by:

Bill Hampton
University of Michigan - Center for Information Technology Integration

If you wish to attend future meetings of the DCE Users Group of Michgan, please call (313) 764-5440 or email dugm-request@citi.umich.edu if you plan to attend. We'll provide directions to CITI if you need them at that time.A map to CITI is also available from the parking page.

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