On April 18, 1995 the DCE Users Group of Michigan met at the University of Michigan's Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI). The meeting was sponsored by the Client/Server Exchange", a joint partnership of IBM and the University of Michigan, promoting open, client/server computing.

Hosting the meeting was Bill Hampton of U-M/CITI. Janani Janakiraman of the University of Michigan kept the minutes. Again, thanks to the Client/Server Exchange for keeping the coffee pots filled and allowing Bill Hampton the time to organize and coordinate this meeting.

Bill Hampton, of CITI, opened the meeting. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 17.

The scheduled agenda is:

o EDS Status and Plans
o Security SIG Update
o Presentation from DAZEL Corporation
o Presentation from OSF
- Current/future status of DCE
- Other OSF technologies

CITI: Advanced System Administration Internship Proposal
Mark C. Carter (markc@citi.umich.edu)

CITI's C/SE is developing a DCE administration internship, which will provide organizations the opportunity to immerse selected individuals in an advanced DCE administration environment.

Building on basic DCE administration courses and prior intern experience, the internship offers a combined hands-on, self-directed, and tutorial study of advanced DCE administration topics.

Topic areas under consideration were shared with meeting attendees, and additional areas of need were solicited. CITI will announce when program availability in future minutes.

Tentative Topics:
DCE Cell Planning
DCE Machines (e.g., installation and configuration issues, and roles)
DCE Administrative Interface (e.g., control programs, vendor-supplied scripts)
Essentials (e.g., ACLs and other "thorns")
Cell Backup & Restoration (e.g., how to recover from catastrophic
server disk failure)
Establishing Replication (e.g., registry, namespace, and DFS filesets)
Establishing Intercell Communication
Misc. Maintenance Tasks (e.g., configuring DCE applications)

DCE Administration Tools Evaluation
DCE Administration Scripts Review (a look under the hood)
DCE Administration Problem Diagnosis Case Studies
Scalability Issues (including high number of users, large
namespaces, geographical dispersion)
Central vs. Distributed Administration Issues (e.g., "who has control
over what?" and "how do I configure a client at a remote site?")

Chrysler Status/Plans
Al Johnson :

* C/S Environment
* Management Initiated
* Cross Functional Team
* OEC Entera
* DCE Pilot Application (still looking)

Cell Development: Put up 2 cells
- Sandbox cell
NCR 3431, NCR 3450
Sparc 20, Sparc 1000
- Developer Cell
NCR 3555
Sparc 1000
Applications: applications built using OEC Entera (TEP/TCP)
Greet, O'Reilley Samples

Ford Status/Plan
Duncan W McRae

* DCE at Ford is in its infancy
* Have 2 test cells
* Current platforms:
SGI Indigo 2 (CDS client)
HP-9000/755 (CDS client, DFS client)
IBM/RS 6000 590 (CDS client, DFS server)
Digital Alpha 2100/400 (CDS server, Security server) .. cleanest
CRAY (CDS client, DFS server) ... problems with 64 bit packets.
Sun Sparc 20 (CDS client, DFS server, DTS server)
* GOAL: DFS is the main application they are looking at.

Discussion about the OSF User and Developer Conference
* Some talks were good but in general the feeling was that the conference
wasn't well organized. Boston conference might be better as it is
closer to a bigger user community.
* PR trends: Vendors plan to join with OSF to set up a marketing group
as DCE has been getting lots of bad publicity.

Future Topics

During a discussion of possible future topics for presentation
at the meetings the following were mentioned:

IBM's DCE experience at Nationwide insurance
Cross Logic (Visual RPC)
Gradient (Visual DCE)
Transarc (General Status, new products, encina, success stories)
Compuware (Status/Plans)
IBM MVS DCE and Application Servers
Selling DCE Internally (Case studies)
Internationalization Issues
Debugging tools
Backup strategies
Disaster recovery

If you wish to attend future meetings of the DCE Users Group of Michgan, please call (313) 764-5440 or email dugm-request@citi.umich.edu if you plan to
attend. We'll provide directions to CITI if you need them at that time.

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