On July 27th, 1995 the DCE Users Group of Michigan met at the University of Michigan's Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI). The meeting was sponsored by the "Client/Server Exchange", a joint partnership of IBM and the University of Michigan, promoting open, client/server computing.

Hosting the meeting was Janani Janakiraman of U-M/CITI. Al Johnson , Chrysler Corporation, kept the minutes. Thanks to the "Client/Server Exchange" for keeping the coffee pots filled.

Janani Janakiraman, of CITI, opened the meeting.

The agenda of the meeting was as follows:

The next meeting will be on Thursday, September 7th, 1-4PM.

The proposed agenda is:


Bob Liburdi IBM Corp.
bobliburdi@vnet.ibm.com (607) 752-6118

Topics covered included:
. IBM Open Blueprint
The usual IBM Blueprint diagram
. IMS in a DCE World
Application Server for IMS allows RPC access to existing IMS transactions.
. How to use DCE Application Support for IMS
Bob walked through putting together a simple application using IMS
Application Server, covering the steps needed to build the server, IDL,
client, compile, etc.
Discussed mapping UserIDs between DCE Registry to RACF
Future will see RACF containing DCE information.
ISPF Panels to administer environment
. Future IBM Directions with DCE Application Support for IMS
Coordination between RACF / ACF2 with DCE security service.
AS/IMS server will delegate authority from user to transaction.
Transactional RPCs

Paper copies of the overheads are available..

OSF Member meeting review
Bob Brandt, Ford Motor

Bob attended the OSF Member meeting May 31 - June 2 as a guest of OSF.
Intent was to meet with all DCE users groups Friday at lunch
(which did not happen).

Bob's topics:
* What is the OSF members meeting.
State of the OSF address to the members.
Member feedback
Status of OSF projects
All members, some guests, press, industry consultants were invited.
200 attendees.
Networking opportunity
Annual meeting held around the world.
Conference-like setting, keynote speakers, technical reviews, etc.
* DCE Solutions showcase
Gradient, HAL, HP, Open Horizon, IBM, OSF Research, Transarc, U of M, etc.
* Highlights of meeting topics
End user forum
Allow members (users) to present requirements.
Chair Ted Hanss stepping down, replaced by Bill Estrem of 3M.
Work with architectural planning council (decide what OSF will do with
New roles, Requirements Gathering and Information Coordination
Requirements Gathering is attempt to formalize getting end-user
requirements to the vendors, work with other end-user groups.
DCE Marketing talk.
- Problems
Vendors selling solutions with DCE buried inside.

Bad Press
No Marketing
- Answers
Working with vendors to showcase DCE solutions, tools, apps.
Work with Industry consultants (Gartner, Meta Group) to shed positive
Using WWW pages and conferences
Created a web page to disseminate trade publication info. (Good and bad)
Don't have budget to do direct marketing (looking to vendors for help)
* DCE Highlights
New product catalog
New profiles for DCE End-Users (case studies)
Web page http://www.osf.org
DCE User developer conference Boston Aug 21-23
Release 1.2 Highlights
November 95
Registry Sync
ONC Migration
Multi-threaded DFS replication server
Distributed File Access Manager
Release 1.2.2 Highlights
June 96
Kerberos V.5
Public Key for Login
user to user auth
Multi-cell groups
CDS/Security scalability
DFS enhancements
Beyond 1.2
Nothing formal, potential contents
X/Open Federated naming
Fully Integrate public key support

Support Messaging
Implement full-service object model
Key Themes:
Robustness, able to handle 7x24
Scalability, to millions
Better management tools
Simpler Programming
Modularization, bring up parts of DCE

* DCE Instrumentation
Instrumentation of RPC and stubs, put performance metrics into DCE.
May be in 1.2.

* DCE Web integration
Will be topic at next months meeting.

* Benefits of attending
Actual story from OSF
Network with others doing DCE
Access to developers/board members at OSF
Enormous potential for feedback
Contact Bob Goldschneider at OSF for membership info. 617-621-8778


IBM MVS DCE User presentations by John Wolfert of EDS was canceled.
Janani announced that she will put any pointers on the MDUG web page.
Send her suggestions.


Discussion on CDS Namespace management.

EDS use of CDS
applications are departmental based (finance vs. Engineering) or Organizational
/.:/profile/users/jsmith01 has users profile
/.:/profile/dept/CPS directory created for application CPS to use as they wish.
/.:/hosts/earth/CPS/svr contains server entries which get exported to
/.:/profile/dept/CPS/finance and to /.:/profile/users/jsmith01

Central administrator creates /.:/profile/CPS, application group makes changes below this as

OEC Recommended namespace usage is quite similar, uses /.:/applications/services vs. /.:/profile.

CITI has /.:/apps/[demos tools sandbox] format.

EDS uses normal Unix backup procedures and has had to restore CDS.
And it worked. CITI tried to use CDS replication and it failed so it is not
used now. Ford has replicated CDS between DCE and HP successfully.
EDS replicates extensively to physically separate servers. Key seemed to be
correct sequence of steps.

Big thank you to CITI for providing the facilities (and the coffee).

Minutes by Al Johnson Chrysler
ajj@is.chrysler.comIf you wish to attend future meetings of the DCE Users Group of Michgan, please call (313) 764-5440 or email dugm-request@citi.umich.edu if you plan to attend. We'll provide directions to CITI if you need them at that time.

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