On September 7th, 1995 the DCE Users Group of Michigan met at the University of Michigan's Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI). The meeting was sponsored by the Client/Server Exchange, a joint partnership of IBM and the University of Michigan, promoting open, client/server computing.

Hosting the meeting was Janani Janakiraman of U-M/CITI.

Attendees: Kizzmett Collers - Detroit Edison, Brad Smart -Northern Telecom, Diana Noble - U-M, Al Johnson - Chrysler,Steve Freeman - IBM, Mark Pettovello - Ford, Ben Hess -CITI, Duncan McRae - Ford, Bob Brandt - Ford, Dave Stacer -Ford, Derek Brink - Gradient, Paul Frisch - EDS, Lisa Wyatt- EDS, Brian Sullivan - EDS, Janani Janakiraman - CITI.

The agenda of the meeting was as follows:

The next meeting will be on Thursday, November 9, 1-4pm.

The proposed agenda is:

Brad Smart - Northern Telecom, is taking the minutes for today's meeting.

Review of list of topics:

Question was asked by Janani: Should we go with bi-monthly meetings until we have a large enough volume of topics to justify meeting monthly again?

Should we as a group get involved in participating in a DCE cell with other regional user groups. The Denver group is heading up an effort to do this. The question was asked: what would we use it for? It was hard to see any advantage over standard WWW capabilities at this time.


Gradient - Derek Brink

email: Derek_Brink@gradient.com

DCE Products overview.

Platform coverage: Windows, UnixWare, Macintosh

Gradient is primarily a "client" company, although they are getting more into the "server" end of things lately. They rely on the other vendors,: IBM, HP, DEC, for the larger DCE servers.

DCE Release timeline.

PC-DCE/16 - 16 bit Windows version

PC-DCE/32 - 32 bit windows version



DCE-Netware gateway


DCE and WEB Integration




Questions to Derek from members:

End of Gradient presentation.

Just before the break, a discussion about the OSF Developers Conference occurred:

Presentations continued:

Open Environment Corporation (OEC)

Overview of 3 tiered architecture

  1. Presentation layer
  2. Business logic layer.
  3. Data management layer

Entera - supports the entire application life cycle, -Development / Runtime /Management.

Entera and DCE

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