On September 12th, 1996 the DCE Users Group of Michiganmet at the University of Michigan's Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI).The meeting was sponsored by the "Client/Server Exchange", A joint partnership of IBM and the University of Michigan promoting open, client/server computing.

Hosting the meeting was Janani Janakiraman of UofM/CITI. Brad Smart - Nortel, volunteered to take the minutes.

The agenda of the meeting was as follows:


Kenn Dany - Chrysler, Michael Leekofsky - Wayne State, Al Johnson - Chrysler,Brad Smart - Northern Telecom, Alex F. - Chrysler, Tish Lehman - U/M, Neda Gholizadeh - U/M, Lisa Wyatt- EDS, Tim Campbell - EDS, Gary Pirkola - UM/ITD,Dave Detlefs --UM/ITD, Craig Berkowitz - Transarc, Ian Smart - Ford, Steve Freeman - IBM, Ik Kim - Chrysler, Mary Pearce - U/M, Zoe Gurevich -- U/M, Krishnam Subraminam - Ford, Bob Brandt - Ford, John Kroll - Ford, Janani Janakiraman - UM-CITI.

The next meeting will be on November 14, 1996.
Tentative Agenda:


New Focus

The first order of business was the new focus of the group. This group is currently sponsored by Client Server Exchange. At the end of this year CSE will end. Should this group dissolve or change focus and continue?

Craig Berowitz suggested that the group increase its scope to include other client server technologies in addition to DCE. Lisa Wyatt suggested that we focus on DCE + WEB + OOT. There was some additional discussion, but no conclusions. Janani suggested that this will be decided at the November 14 meeting. Please send your feedback on this to Janani at <dugm-request@citi.umich.edu>.

Big 10 Joint Projects

Bob Riddle spoke on the Big 10 Joint Projects. A Web page for these projects is at:http://usfs2as.us.ohio-state.edu/big10/btjp.htm.Bob explained a little about the project team. He said it primarily is a cross institutional team of technical "gadflys" looking at technology for the future. Bob talked about three separate projects involving DCE:

Not Speedy

Secure Web

A CIC (Committee on Institutional Co-operation) project for library resource access by authorized users. I did not catch the name of this project.

DCE/Snare - Jonathan Chinitz <jec@isoft.com>

IntelliSoft Corporation was founded in 1992. It is a DCE focused company. Up until this year their business has been DCE training and consulting. 1996 marks the introduction of their DCE product line. IntelliSoft's web page is http://www.isoft.com/.


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