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Projects : Network Testing and Performance, Phase I


The primary goal of the partnership for FY 2002-2003 is to identify and enhance network test and performance tools that can help ITCom staff build and maintain a more secure and functional network at the University of Michigan. The first focus is on Iperf, an open source network measurement tool from the University of Illinois, with the goal of developing an authenticated Iperf service running on multihomed servers placed strategically in a VLANed network.

Detailed project goals are described in the Memorandum of Understanding.

Project Documents

  • MOU
  • Final report
  • Download Code

    See current project download information.


    William A. (Andy) Adamson Research Investigator, project technical lead.

    Charles Antonelli   

    Assistant Research Scientist

    Nate Gallaher


    Avinash Kalyanaraman


    Olga Kornievskaya

    Research Assistant

    David Richter


    Project Sponsor

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