VIC with DirectX MPEG-1 Decoding Support

Built with the DirectX 5.2b SDK, this binary version of VIC will decode the 320X240 MPEG-1 video stream generated by the VIC Sun SBus SunVideo ported to Solaris 2.5.1.  This version of the binary looks first for specified installed hardware MPEG decoders, and if none are found, then uses the native software MPEG1 decoder.

The package includes the DirectX runtime installation program (DXMWeb.exe) if not already installed on the target machine. The package also includes the necessary TCL/TK DLLs and library files for use with the program.

If when using the native DirectX software MPEG1 decoder, only the first frame is decoded, you need to run the provided DXMWeb.exe which will install the correct DirectX environment. On NT4.0, you also may need to set the priority of vic.exe to 'RealTime' or 'High' from 'Normal' to improve the performance of the software decoder. This can be done from the Task Manager by selecting vic.exe from the Processes tab. Then a right mouse button click to display the Set_Priority menu.

Currently Supported Hardware Decoders

REALMagic Netstream 1
Sony Vaio


Kevin Coffman -