UNIX Binaries for MPEG-1 support in VIC

Currently, Sun SBus SunVideo Card is the only supported MPEG-1 encoder, . We have the Sun PCI bus SunVideo Card partially ported - it delivers an MPEG-1 stream, but there are artifacts (tearing). The software MPEG1 decoding is comes from Berkeley Mpeg_play software. The origional is available at the URL ftp://mm-ftp.cs.berkeley.edu/pub/multimedia/mpeg/bmt1r1.tar.gz.

Download: (more ports to come)

vic.mpeg.sun4x_55 Software MPEG1 Decoding, Sbus SunVideo hardware MPEG1 encoding.

vic.mpeg.sun4x_56 Software MPEG1 Decoding, PCI SunVideo hardware MPEG1 encoding (needs some work).


Andy Adamson - andros@umich.edu

Note: We currently hard code MPEG-1 Sequence header values passed to mpeg_play. (FakeSeqHeader() in mpeg/src/video.c). The current port has values consistant with the MPEG-1 stream emitted from the Sun Sbus SunVideo board which include a 320x240 window size instead of the MPEG1 default 352x240 window size. Obviously, we need to receive the sequence
header from the encoder.....

Software MPEG-1 Decode Performance

This table shows the performance for platfroms receiving a 3.5Mbps,
30 fps MPEG-1 input stream. Only one of the receivers is capable of
displaying the full stream; the other receivers are CPU-bound and
can not decode the iput stream at the offered rate.

Platform, OS                    fps     Effective Stream        CPU Usage
200Mhz Sun Ultra5, Solaris2.6   30      3.5 Mbps                84%
50Mhz Sun Sparc-20, SLoaris2.5  10      1.0 Mbps                85%
122Mhz IBM 42T, AIX 4.1         19      1.9 Mbps                74%
400Mhz Pentium, OpenBSD         24      3.0 Mbps                80%