Smartcard Seminar : Assignment 1 : M-Card Scanning

1/23/2000, Naomaru Itoi (
Updated, 11/4/2000, Naomaru Itoi

In this assignment, you are to learn the directory structures of smartcards, smartcard file types, and usage of APDUs. You are asked to write a program to scan the M-Card and print out the account balance. Problem Description
Obtaining the account balance is done by three steps.

Your program must print out the file names of selected files as it traverses the directory tree, and the balance. The print out should look like this:
class 77
00.40 -- EF
00.80 -- EF
00.c0 -- DF
__00.f0 -- EF
01.00 -- DF
__00.ff -- record -- account $2.05


OK, that's it. Send questions to Obviously, doing more analysis on M-Card is welcome. If you are interested in doing more, talk to us about potential projects. Good luck. :)