This page is really just for my own record keeping use... :) Once in a while I think about expanding on the content and put some comments and thoughts about individual books, but I never seem to get around doing it (it would require a proper mood, patience and motivation). So far I have not been successful.....

Here's a list of books that I've read recently:
(bold is highly recommended, italic is the next best thing)

D. Adams "The hitchhikers guide to galaxy", (sci-fi), *****
J. Caplan and J. Torpey (eds) "Documenting individual identity: the development of state
practices in modern world" (sociology/history) **** 
M. Clanchy "From memory to written record" (history) ****
P. Coelho "Veronika decides to die", (entertainment/psychology), **
A. De Saint-Exupery "The little prince" (fantasy/fairy tale) ****
H. Fielding "Bridget jones's diary", (entertainment), **  (unfortunately, i found the movie to be better than the book)
Don Gabor "How to start a conversation and make friends" (self-help), **

T. Gilovich "How we know what isn't so: the fallibility of human reason on everyday life", (psychology) *
R. Jordan "The wheel of time" series (8 books), (sci-fi), ****
R. Heinlein "Moon is a harsh mistress", (sci-fi), ***
O'Henry "Short stories", (literature), ***
A. Huxley "Brave new world", "Brave new world revisited", (utopian), ***
M. Kundera "Immortality", (philosophical), ****
M. L'engle "A wrinkle in time", (fantasy/fairy tale), *
Claude Levi-Strauss "Myth and meaning: cracking the code of culture", **
A. McCaffrey and M. Ball "Acorna", "Acorna's quest", "Acorna's people", (fantasy), ***
J. Meyers "Scott Fitzgerald: a biography", (biography), *
V. Nabokov "Lolita", (literature), ****
G. Orwell "1984", "Animal farm" (literature)****
R. Pirsig "Zen and the art of the motorcycle maintenance", (philosophical),  ****
J.K. Rowling "Harry Potter"(fantasy), *****
C. Sagan "Contact" (sci-fi), *** (unfortunately, i found the movie to be better than the book)
S. Singh "Fermat's enigma", (informative), ***
B.F. Skinner "Walden two", (psychology/utopia), ***
J.R. Tolkien "Hobbit", "Lord of the rings", (fantasy), *****
John Torpey "The invention of the passport: surveillance, citizenship and the state" (sociology/history)
K. Vonnegut "Cat's cradle", "Player piano", "Breakfast of champions",  "Timequake",
                      "Sirens of Titan", "Slapstick", (fiction/sci-fi), ***
V. Woolf "A room of one's own" (literature), ***
Y. Zamyatin "We" (all together read three books: one in english and two in russian) (utopia), ***
R. Zelasny "The chronicle of Amber" series (7 books), (fantasy), *****
G. Xingjian "Soul mountain", (literature/philosophical), (2003 Noble Prize winner in literature) ****
                    "One man's bible" (literature) ****

Here's a list of books that I'm either currently reading or plan to read:  

Steward Shapiro "Thinking about mathematics: the philosophy of mathematics" (philosophy)
G. Xingjian "Ink paintings"
                    "Returning to painting"
                    "The Other Shore" (collection of plays)

Scott Gordon "Controlling the state: constitutionalism from ancient Athens to today" (history/poli-sci)
Saul A. Kripke "Naming and necessity" (philosophy)
Willard Van Orman Quine "Word and object" (philosophy)
S. Nasar "A beautiful mind" (I started reading it, but I'm afraid I would never finish it...)
"Understanding the genome" from the editors of Scientific American (i think i'm somewhere in the middle of that book)

Books that are waiting their turn:

Anne Wells Branscomb "Who owns information? from privacy to public access" (CS)
Simson Garfinkel "Database nation: the death of privacy in the 21th century" (CS)
Boris A. Kordemsky "The moscow puzzles: 359 mathematical recreations" (math)
Albert H. Teich "Technology and the future" (CS)
Stephen Turner (ed) "The cambridge companion to Weber" (sociology)
Max Weber "The theory of social and economic organization" (sociology)

R. Pirsig "Lila" (philosophy)
D. Ackerman "A natural history of the senses"
E.L. Harris "Not a day goes by"  (i think somebody gave me this book as a gift... do i still have to read it?)
A. Huxley "Island" (literature/utopia)
M. Kundera "Joke" (need to buy this book first though..)

S. Pinker "How the mind works" (psychology)
S. Plath "Johnny panic and the bible of dreams" (literature)
Schneiner "Secrets and lies" (computer science, computer security)
H.D. Thoreau "Walden" (literature)
K. Vonnegut  "God bless you, Mr. Rosewater", "Welcome to the monkey house", "Hocus Pocus"
T. Wolfe "The electric kool-aid acid test"
V. Woolf "To the lighthouse", "Mrs. Dalloway" (classic literature)

T.S. Eliot "Waste land" (poetry)
Dennis "Cards of Identity" (literature/psychology)
Dante Alighieri "The divine comedy" (poetry/classical literature)