8/6/2002 - 8/10/2002: San Francisco, California (USENIX Security).
8/29/2002 - 8/30/2002: Bloomington, Indiana (visit Leah).
9/6/2002 - 9/9/2002: Sedona, Arizona (Kristen and Jay wedding).
    My dear friend Chris took these pictures during our trip to *sunny* Arizona.
9/28/2002 - 10/4/2002: Bristol, England (Infrastructure Security)
    I have pictures from Bristol,London, and Oxford-- places that I visited in UK.
3/28/2003-3/30/2003: drove to Bloomington, Indiana (visit Leah).
4/24/2003-4/30/2003: drove to Marlton, NJ (X-keys), Gaithersburg, MD (PKI workshop).
5/23/2003-5/26/2003: drove to Red River Gorge, Kentucky to climb some mountains...
7/31/2003-8/7/2003: drove to Rantoul, IL, for the free fall convention...