honey talks

april, 1997 ipocse talks: security, videoconferencing.

december, 1997 USITS wip: workstation authorization.

february, 1998 Penn State logging and auditing

april, 1998 UMICH LSA mtg pam + gina

may, 1998 MCARD RFP Smartcard R&D at CITI

march, 1999 MCARD RFP responders meeting Innovation and Collaboration with Mcard

may, 1998 Transarc CITI and AFS

june, 1988 IBM Research Multitier Security Architecture

august, 1988 USENIX NT Symposium PAM for NT (Nao gave this talk.)

september, 1998 ITD 1998-99 Review CITI presentation

september, 1998 CARDIS paper Implementation of a Provably Secure Smartcard-based Key Distribution Protocol

september, 1998 CARDIS WIP; november, 1998 SCIA and IBM Zurich Practical Security with Smartcards

march, 1999 IEEE Infocom '99 Can the Internet be secured?

august, 1999 8th USENIX Security Symposium, Washington, D.C., work in progress talk PK no I

october, 2000 FRB Chicagoelectronic payments and emerging technologies