Janani Janakiraman

Last revision: 20th February 1998

Senior Systems Research Programmer
Center for Information Technology Integration
Information Technology Division
University of Michigan



  • Distributed Client/Server Computing (OSF's DCE)
  • World Wide Web ... CGI, Perl, Intranet Access, DCE-WEB, Oracle Web Server, InterNotes, Java
  • Databases ... Oracle (DBA, application development)
  • Security .. Java, Kerberos, Secure VideoConferencing, GSSAPI
  • Collaborative Technologies .... Lotus Notes
  • Project Web Pages (Past/Present)
  • _________________________

    Personal Details

    How I got here from there?

    I was born in a private clinic in Madras in the state of Tamil Nadu, in the Republic of India . Spent the major part of my life in Rourkela, Orissa. Then started those nomadic years after I left home. Officially became an engineer after spending four years getting an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal . Then spent a year working as a Software Engineer in Texas Instruments (I) Ltd, in Bangalore . Then took a big leap out of the Indian subcontinent and landed in the US. Have been living in Ann Arbor, Michigan since then. Got my masters in Computer Science from the University of Michigan . After graduating, joined CITI as a systems research programmer. And that's how I am here. Who knows where I will go from here!!!


    Links to family members pages: Karthik, Subu, Jasumathi, Narayan


    Contact Information:

    Janani Janakiraman
    Center for Information Technology Integration
    Univeristy of Michigan
    519 W. William
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103-4943
    +1 (734)-764-2331 (Office Phone)
    +1 (734)-763-4434 (Fax)
    jej@umich.edu (e_mail)


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