Jiaying Zhang

I am a graduate student at the Computer Science & Engineering department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I completed my Bachelor's degree at the Computer Science & Technology department of Tsinghua University in 2001, and am currently working with Prof. Peter Honeyman towards my PhD.



Application Materials


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·         Larry Huston, Rahul Sukthankar, Derek Hoiem, and Jiaying Zhang, SnapFind: Brute Force Interactive Image Retrieval, in Proceedings of International Conference on Image Processing and Graphics (ICIG’4), Hong Kong, China, Dec. 2004.


Ph.D. Dissertation:

“Network Transparency in Wide Area Collaborations”. To meet the demands of large-scale data sharing in Grid computing, I developed a replicated file system that allows users and applications to access widely distributed data as simple and efficiently as they access them locally. The file system includes a naming scheme that supports a global name space and location independent naming, which facilitates data sharing, distribution, and management. It uses a replication protocol that supports mutable (read/write) replication with strong consistency guarantees, enabling the re-use of existing software in Grid computing. I have implemented the design in NFSv4 (based on the latest version in Linux 2.6.16 kernel), the new standard Internet distributed file system protocol, and evaluate the performance of the system with scientific applications and Grid benchmarks. These studies demonstrate that a replicated file system framework addressing the data access and storage requirements of emerging global collaborations is vital and feasible.



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