Digital images, being so pervasive, make data privacy impossible. Instead of providing them only to the FBI, other government departments and corporations, they might as well be completely public.

At HIP'97

USENIX'98 - New Orleans

Halloween Monkies

Selling OpenBSD 2.1 CDs at the Cypherpunks meeting where Hugh Daniels put in a plug for us. USENIX technical conference in New Orleans with a whole bunch of OpenBSD developers crowding the booth. The monkies versus the Army of Darkness.

First car ever


Scottish Dancing

Poor car dealer got $2000 less on this deal than he expected. My room in Germany in which I enjoy cryptographic freedom. At a Scottish Dancing ball in Kilt and everything.

SSH Hacking in Canada

CITI Tattoos

Scottish Dancing - 1 year later

Hacking OpenSSH late at night in Canada for the next OpenBSD release. It has been a big success. New labeling system for CITI graduate students deployed today. Chris and I at the yearly Ann Arbor Scottish dance ball, featuring my new kilt.

HAL 2001

Infrared Magic


HAL 2001 in the OpenBSD tent having fun with secure trans-atalantic telephone conversations. Infrared photography lets you see inside other people's pockets. The Eurozone has finally arrived. On the 1st of January 2002 in the concert hall of Lübeck, I could not use any DM anymore :-)

Bordeaux, LSM 2002

Bad Luck

Soekris Rocks

At the end of LSM 2002 in Bordeaux. Laurent was so gracious as to drive us to the airport after a very successful and enjoyable week in France. This disk did not like me. It just stopped working. When I pulled it out and analyzed it, the reason was obvious. Got to throw out my consumer grade plastic access point and replace it with a nice Soekris box running my favorite kind of BSD. It looks like a daemon alright.

Working From Home

Pumpkin Carving

Seasoning a Wok

I have finally optimized my setup so that I can see all status displays at one. The monitor mounts were difficult to attach, but it's mostly stable now. Halloween is around the corner once more and this time I managed to carve my first pumpkin ever. It scared the dog, maybe it'll scare those kids. A freshly acquired wok after seasoning four times in the oven and having prepared the first stir fry.

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