3Com Audrey

Donovan's Audrey

I've bought three of these. I got one from a friend, one from eBay, and one from Surfplus.net, a liquidator that seems to be out of them now. Overstock.com had some but they also seem to be out.

Your best source of info is Audreyhacking.com. If you want your Audrey to be useful, you will have to update its software. This can be done using an "update server," but I think it's better to use a CF card and flash it yourself. You can find various images in the Audreyhacking.com Download section. My favorite is InfinityUltimate1.1a. You will need mkcf.c.

My somewhat cryptic notes on making a CF for loading a new image:

CF on unix:
mkcf InfinityUltimate1.1a.cf new.cf 32112640
dd if=new.cf of=/dev/rwd1c count=62720
Problems?  Maybe have to fdisk -e, set geometry and reinit.

Make a CF on audrey:
devb-cf should get "CF inserted: xxxxxxxx bytes (xxxxx kB, xx MB)"
(for me, 36126144, which doesn't seem right)
cd /dev
cat fs0p0 fs0p1 > cf

To install new image from CF, hold Datebook and Power while plugging in the power cord.

Commands to run on startup are in /kojak/boot.sh. To mount your nfs server full of mp3s, use something like:

  /nto/bin/fs-nfs2 /mp3

Timeserver (port 37 rfc868, not ntp) is configured in /config/Timeserver[012]. Reply must come from same ip addr that query was sent to.

Audrey is unable to forward email because it incorrectly terminates a line "This is a multi-part message..." with \n instead of \r\n. See Bare LFs in SMTP.

Audrey can be quite flaky. Sometimes it unsuspends by itself, sometimes it won't unsuspend at all, sometimes the web browser hangs, etc. There is no hardware reset button so make sure you can get to the power cord. Unplug it at the wall, not the fragile connector that plugs in to the Audrey.

Jim Rees