Sony Vaio PCG-SR7K

Sony Vaio PCG-SR7K Sony Vaio PCG-SR7K

This unit has never been my favorite or my primary laptop. I use it as a spare. It currently has a dead battery but runs fine on AC. The stuff I care about works on OpenBSD. The hardware cursor has never worked in X but the software cursor is fine (see config file below).

In early 2006 the disk was starting to make loud grinding noises so I decided to replace it. I didn't have a suitable drive on my shelf, but I did have a CF-to-IDE adapter I bought on the web somewhere for $20 and a spare 256MB CF card. So I installed OpenBSD 3.6 onto the CF card, then installed the card and adapter in the Vaio. Now my Vaio is perfectly silent.

OpenBSD 3.6 Configuration Files


Jim Rees