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Palm IIIxe

Software and more for devices that are or may have been compatible with the OS for devices like those pictured above. (Actual device name and link to manufacturer removed by request of a company that may manufacture or have manufactured such devices). As recommended by Mark Willey, I use application/x-pilot as my mime type for prc files. If you have a better idea please tell me.

All of the software on this page is postcardware. It is free in both senses of the word, but if you use it and like it I would appreciate getting a postcard from you. My address is:

Jim Rees
Center for Information Technology Integration
535 W William
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103 USA

If you really like my software and are feeling extraordinarily generous, you might consider buying me something from my Amazon wish list.

Please do not send me email from Microsoft Outlook Express unless you have it configured correctly. I will discard unread any multipart mail containing quoted-unreadable or html parts.



Bus schedule generator. Comes with incomplete schedules for the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA).

busman.prc, busmanDB.pdb (AATA schedule pdb), busman-tables (AATA schedule text tables), busman.tar.gz (source code).



"I was confused by the elegance.." - satisfied user

Co-authored with Mark Eichin and Robin Kirkman. A web server for your Pilot. Please send me your ideas and code contributions. The http implementation is very minimal but it works. It serves up your memos, address book, datebook, docs, and a list of databases. This is not the smallest web server I've ever written, that would be the Webcard.

httpd.prc, httpd.tar.gz (source code).

I am not actively developing this any more. You can find a newer version with some enhancements at the Sourceforge httpdPalm project.



Simple morse code sender. Sends code on the built-in speaker at 1-80 WPM. Higher speeds are sloppy because of the 10 msec resolution of the internal timer.

smorse.prc, smorse.tar.gz (source code).



rfc1361 time sync client.

sntp.prc, sntp.tar.gz (source code).

tek sketch


Tektronix 4014 sketcher. Plug 4014 in to Palm serial port, sketch on the Palm, it displays on the 4014.

teksketch.prc, teksketch.tar.gz (source code).


This little program will extract photos from a WQVLink database via hotsync and store them on your computer as pgm files. For use with Casio WQV-1 and WQV-2 wrist cameras. Does not work with color cameras, but if you want to send me one, I'll fix it. Requires pilot-link.

wqv.tar.gz (source code).

USENIX Program Schedule Loader

The USENIX Program Schedule Loader reads events from a text file and loads them in to the datebook application.

Pilot-link patch

If you use pilot-link and have trouble with the serial port not being closed properly, you might try this patch.

Eringson patch

Martin von Weissenberg's Eringson is a small, free program for transferring ring melodies to and from an Ericsson mobile phone. This patch adds the ability to play back melodies on the Palm internal speaker.


Be sure to check out my Palmreader, a smartcard reader for the Palm computer.

Ben Thompson's Map of Ann Arbor (requires TinyViewer, Image Viewer, or equivalent).

Easter Eggs (see also Tim Warner's Easter Eggs).

Jim Rees