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How do you talk to a smartcard? - (3) Smartcard Communication Tool pay

You can issue APDUs to a smartcard with the smartcard communication tool, pay. Here we use pay to access the M-Card.

  1. Attach your Todos smartcard reader on the serial port B, and place your M-Card in the reader.
  2. Launch pay.
    prom% cd /afs/
    prom% ./pay -d ./ is a driver for the Todos reader.
  3. Open serial port 2, and reset the card.
    pay> 2
    1:3b 2:23 3:0 4:35 5:40 6:80
    This initialize the smartcard. The six byte returned, 3b 23 00 35 40 80 , is called an Answer To Reset, or (ATR). This is unique to a smartcard type.