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ideas    i get a lot of ideas, i keep some of them here. the ones marked with todo are on my immediate todo list. feel free to take any of these ideas and implement them, extend them, sell them.
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project    girlfriend   get a girlfriend to make me a happy hacker. contact point for interested parties.
compilers/gcc    profiler for gcc   add dynamic program profiling to gcc for feedback driven optimizations.
os/kernel    cascading wait queues   implement some sort of cascading wait queues within some kernel; useful for multiple wait conditions
inspiration by cynthia
os/openbsd    proper duplex nfs uid mapping   make a two-way nfs uid mapping
todo: os/openbsd    sysctlable shm limits   make shm limits be changeable over sysctl's
todo: networks/sniffing    afs filesniffer   afs filesniffer ('filesnarf'). this would be fun.
todo: networks    junglemonkey   extend junglemonkey (jm) to also take use of xfs as for local file browsing. perhaps a more universal solution would be to use a modified nfsd, such as sc-fs.
networks/sniffing    irc notifier   make a generic irc notifier using libpcap. any time a regex that you're looking for comes up, it beeps, or displays a window.
done: networks/sniffing    irc inject   make utility that is able to inject (spoof) messages into irc conversations.
port/fix    wireless network organizer   port/fix one of the wireless network analyzers/organizers to openbsd.
networks/sniffing    bandwith borrower   sniff a network that you don't have an ip assigned or dhcp is limited by mac addresses in order to probabilistically obtain an unused ip address. by sniffing, see what there are arp requests for, which ips are getting traffic, etc. can also send out arp request to verify a certain choice.
kernel hack    sendfile() in bsd   implement a linux-style sendfile() type system call in bsd. (openbsd)
hack/modification    pwd with history in zsh   modify zsh so that it records a pwd with every command in the history. this can be context sensitive.
project    graphical error notification in gtk+   write a graphical error/warning notification client. should be able to associate logfiles with regular expressions and actions of those (for example, pop up window, etc). could trigger on events such as "ssh login" or "printer out of paper"
project/hack    mp3 stream "pauser"   provide (either by plugin to something like xmms or a proxy) the ability to pause mp3 streams (that is, buffer up). basically what the tivo does, just for mp3.
project/hack    autostalker   write an application that should try as best as possible to find any information about anyone within the campus of the university of michigan (including possible locality). tony says i can't call it "superannoy."
project    aim-screen   write an aim server that "screens" a session when the user disconnects. when the user reconnects, it replays any recieved messages. it keeps a persistant connection to a real aim server open.
hack/project    file-journalled logging fs   write either a file system, or extend the vfs layer to accomodate for journalling at the file level (selectively); that is, for every modification made to a file, simply write the modification (i.e. not the entire file) to a journal associated with it. the 'file,' then, will simply be the playback of the journal. it is then a simple matter of going back (e.g. "undo") any number of changes. this property (say a new permissions bit or piece of information in the metadata of the file) could be applied to directories, files and executables. were it to be applied to an executable, the changes associated to the executable woudl be any changes in the file system it made (giving the user the ability to undo the action of, for example an install process). on a directory, this would mean that every file contained in the directory were logged, and so on. (conceived by nicolai and yours truly)
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