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June 2012 NFSv4 Bakeathon

CITI is pleased to host the June 2012 NFSv4 Bakeathon. NFSv4.0, NFSv4.1, and pNFS implementations will be welcomed.

Bakeathon Dates

Monday June 4th through Friday June 8th 2012. 7am-7pm.



Please email and tell us:

  • How many people are coming from your group.
  • How many parking permits you need (Note: the hotel has a shuttle, let us know if you would like us to arrange for it.)
  • How many machines you are bringing, and how many IPv4 addresses you will need.
  • What equipment you will be bringing if it's more than two laptops, or a laptop and a desktop, per person.
  • A list of usernames (with UID's and GID's, if you have a preference) to use for ID mapping.
  • If you are shipping equipment, how many boxes and sender's name and address.


We will be in room 1690 of the Bob and Betty Beyster (BBB) building (which is a renamed Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) building) located at 2260 Hayward St. The building is on the University of Michigan's North Campus, two miles from charming and sophisticated downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan which boasts many fine restaurants and shops in an urban, caffeinated setting.


In addition to testing, we will have a room with a projector reserved for presentations and discussion on Wednesday and Thursday. Let us know if you have something to present.


The Holiday Inn near the University of Michigan is 1.8 miles from the Computer Science and Engineering building. A block of rooms will be available for the five nights from Sunday night, June 3rd, through Friday, June 8th, at the rate of 109 plus tax. Ask for the "U of M Bakeathon" group. Reservations are needed by May 18th (link to make an on-line reservation is to follow).


The closest airport is Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW); see wikitravel for more.


If you are planning to ship any equipment to CITI for the June Bakeathon, please send it to this address:

Stephen Reger
2260 Hayward St
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121


We plan to have both IPv4 and IPv6 available, with public IP addresses and a firewall.

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