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Lab : Tour

This is the section that we at citi have deticated to giving you a "feel" for what it is like at CITI.
Consider it a tour of where we do what we do.

This is the backrow, the place where the work gets done. It's not messy -- it's just ever changing. You see, there is no one "System Administrator" at citi, rather everyone is a sysadmin, which can create some chaos, which we believe to be healthy.

The "healthy chaos" that is backrow.

When observing something, it is always important to observe from several angles.

The back row is an important piece of CITI, but by no means could citi survive without such places as the machine room, and the phone closet. The machine room hosts such important computers as babble, the sparc station that is the CITI AFS cell, and other service providing machines which includes sin (the machine that served this to you). The phone closet is the place where the network is assigned and controlled. Without it there would be little or no connectivity.

This is babble, the sparc station that runs the Citi AFS cell.

The wall of computers components temporarily out of use.

The phone closet. Helping you to get this HT document.

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