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Getting Started at CITI

Basic Setup

Somebody needs to do these for you:

  • Create accounts on citi and screamer, with .forward in citi home directory to your email address.
  • Add to UM directory "citistaff" and to local alias "backrow".
  • Create a kerberos principal.
If you're setting up a desktop machine to use:
  • Decide on a name for the machine. (Names of cities are good.)
  • Tell someone the name, and ask for an ip address.
  • When you create a user account for yourself, use your UM uniqname.
  • Also use your UM uid. (If you don't know your uid, ssh to and type "id". If the OS installation doesn't let you pick your uid, you can change it later with "usermod -u".)

NFS setup

For kerberized access (preferred):
  • Install basic userland utilities (on ubuntu/debian: apt-get install krb5-user; on redhat/fedora: yum install krb5-workstation).
  • Copy this krb5.conf to /etc/krb5.conf
  • Send someone the name of your machine, and ask them for a keytab file. When you get it, put it in /etc/krb5.keytab.
  • On Debian/Ubuntu: Edit /etc/default/nfs-common to change "NEED_GSSD=yes", then run "service gssd restart".
  • Run "kinit".
  • mount -osec=krb5 screamer:/nfs /nfs/screamer projects | techreports | press | lab | location | staff Email address
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