pNFS/PVFS2 Documentation pNFS/PVFS2 Documentation

Linux pNFS/PVFS2 Installation Instructions

Note: If you get confused at any point, verify your setup with the diagram below.

Step 1: Download and Untar

Step 2: Compile, Boot, and Verify Kernel and NFSv4 Step 3: Compile and Verify PVFS2 storage system Step 4: Export PVFS2 storage system with NFSv4 Step 5: On clients, compile and install PVFS2 layout driver. Step 6: Verify you can mount exported PVFS2 file system via standard NFSv4 Step 7: Mount PVFS2 file system using pNFS

System Configuration Diagram

Layout Driver Policies

Several /proc/sys/pvfs2-pnfs/ variables exist to control the behavior of the PVFS2 layout driver. They are:

Debugging Help

Known Problems

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