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Mailing Lists, Newsgroups, and the Web
  • (OSF members only. Subscribe to:
  • (OSF members only. Subscribe to:
  • E-mail general or product OSF DCE queries to or phone: (617) 621-7300
  • comp.soft-sys.dce (newsgroup)
  • comp.unix.osf.misc (newsgroup)
  • comp.client-server (newsgroup)
  • comp.protocols.kerberos (newsgroup)
  • OSF URL:

Only OSF members are allowed to subscribe to the and mailing lists. There are, however, three newsgroups available to the general public that frequently contain DCE-related posts: comp.soft-sys.dce, comp.client-server, and comp.unix.osf.misc. John Mauney's DCE FAQ containing basic information is posted periodically on these newsgroups. The comp.protocols.kerberos newsgroup deals with Kerberos issues.

The OSF can be contacted via e-mail and also maintains a Web page. The OSF home page contains information on:

  • DCE, including RPC source code, new V1.1 technology, pricing, and a DCE Q & A page
  • OSF technology data sheets, case studies, and white papers
  • DCE user groups
  • DCE conferences, joint work, etc.
  • the OSF Research Institute
  • OSF Customer Service
  • the DCE Product Catalog
  • Project Pilgrim
  • DCE RFCs

DCE RFCs are "requests for comments" for ongoing DCE development. They are similar to the Internet RFCs and are a formal way to share ideas with other DCE development partners. These are also available via ftp from machine (Login as dce-rfc, use the password dce-rfc, and look in the directory dce-rfc). projects | techreports | press | lab | location | staff Email address
or call +1 734 763 2929
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