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OSF Documentation Set

DCE documentation is usually shipped with vendor products. Vendors typically ship a complete set of online documentation. Hard copy documents are usually sold at additional cost.

The OSF sells complete sets of documentation, consisting of 14 volumes and costing $525. These volumes contain the equivalent content to the online documentation included on the DCE 1.0.3 tapes. Documentation for Version 1.1 is available. The three volumes of specifications (AES) can be purchased separately for $100, plus shipping.

The DME Distributed Services Component documentation set is now available from OSF and costs $100 per set, plus $20 for shipping.]

The OSF Set

  • Introduction to OSF DCE--provides an overview of DCE and serves as an introduction to the rest of the DCE documentation. It also contains a DCE Glossary.
  • User's Guide and Reference--presents task and reference material for the DCE end user.
  • Administration Guide--provides conceptual and task-oriented information on core components and extended services for the DCE administrator.
  • Administration Reference--provides reference material for commands needed by the DCE administrator.
  • Application Development Guide--is targeted for the distributed application programmer and provides conceptual and task-oriented information for developing an application using DCE.
  • Application Development Reference--contains reference material for the DCE programming interfaces and commands needed by the DCE programmer.
  • Porting and Testing Guide--describes the DCE code and documentation source trees, porting issues, and how to test ported and rebuilt software.
  • Release Notes--describes a given version of DCE software, the accompanying documentation, and building code.

Ordering Information

  • In the US:
    OSF Direct Channels
    (617) 621-7300
  • In Europe:
    Christine Mambourg;
    OSF, Brussels;
    +32-2-772-8888; fax: +32-2-772-9228;
  • In the Pacific Region:
    Haruyo Nogami;
    OSF, Tokyo;
    +813-3479-4740; fax: +813-3479-4760;

Prentice-Hall Documentation Set

  • Contains roughly the same material as the OSF documentation set.
  • Thoroughly edited to improve readability.
  • Reflects DCE 1.0.1, except for the Administration Guide, which reflects 1.0.2.
  • Next edition to reflect 1.1.

For ordering information, call (515) 284-6751 or visit the Prentice Hall Web site.

  • Introduction to OSF DCE; ISBN 0-13-490624-1; $34.00
  • DCE Administration Reference; ISBN 0-13-643818-0; $55.00
  • DCE User's Guide and Reference; ISBN 0-13-643842-3; $34.00
  • DCE Application Development Guide; ISBN 0-13-643826-1; $62.00
  • DCE Application Development Reference; ISBN 0-13-643834-2; $56.00
  • DCE Administration Guide:
    • Vol. 1-Introduction; ISBN 0-13-176546-9; $45.00
    • Vol. 2-Core Components; ISBN 0-13-176553-1; $47.00
    • Vol. 3-Extended Services; ISBN 0-13-176561-2; $58.00


  • Application Environment Specification/ Distributed Computing RPC Volume;
    ISBN 0-13-043688-7; $55.00

O'Reilly Documentation

  • Understanding DCE--is a technical and conceptual overview of OSF's DCE for programmers, technical managers, and marketing and sales people. This book focuses on how DCE can be used to accomplish typical programming tasks and helps the reader understand all the parts of DCE. ISBN 1-56592-005-8 ($24.95)
  • Guide to Writing DCE Applications--is a hands-on programming guide to DCE for first-time DCE application programmers. ISBN 1-56592-045-7 ($29.95)
  • Power Programming With RPC--is written from a programmer's perspective and shows the user how RPC can be used to break large, complex programming problems into routines that can be executed independently using a form of parallel or multiprocessing. ISBN 0-937175-77-3 ($29.95)
  • Distributing Applications Across DCE and Windows/NT--shows the programmer how to develop an application that simultaneously runs on DCE and Microsoft systems through RPCs. ISBN 1-56592- 047-3 ($24.95)
  • DCE Security Programming--covers DCE security requirements, how the system fits together, what is required of the programmer, and how to figure out what needs protection in an application. ISBN 1-56592-134-8 ($29.95)
  • DNS and BIND--provides a complete explanation of the Domain Name System (DNS) and BIND, its UNIX implementation. ISBN 1- 56592-010-4 ($29.95)

For ordering information, call (800) 998-9938 or (707) 829-0515. E- mail at O'Reilly can also be reached on the Web.

Other Documentation

  • Business perspective of client-server computing: Implementing Client/Server Computing: A Strategic Perspective, Bernard H. Boar, McGraw-Hill, 1993.
  • Technical perspective:
    • OSF DCE: Guide to Developing Distributed Applications, H.W.
      Lockhart, Jr., McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0-07-911481-4.
    • Client/Server Architecture, Alex Berson, McGraw-Hill, 1992.
    • "DCE--The OSF Distributed Computing Environment: Client/Server Model, and Beyond," Proceedings of the International Workshop on DCE, 1993 Lecture Notes in computer Science #731, Springer-Verlag, ISBN 3-540-57306-2.
    • Essential Client/Server Survival Guide, Harkey and Edwards, Van Nostrand Reinhold, ISBN 0-442-001941-6.
  • Kerberos:
    • "Kerberos Authentication and Authorization System," Miller, Neuman, and Saltzer, Section E.2.1, M.I.T. Project Athena, 1987.[
    • "Kerberos: An Authentication Service for Open Network Systems," pp. 191-202 in the Usenix Conference Proceedings, February, 1988.
  • X.500:The Little Black Book, Marshall T. Rose, ISBN: 0-13-6832210-5. projects | techreports | press | lab | location | staff Email address
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