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Documentation (DOC)--Provides input to the OSF on documentation and issues of interest to technical documenters. It currently has one working group, Information Architecture/Interchange, which is helping the OSF define a generic interchange format based on the SGML standard.

Management (MAN)--Focuses on the Distributed Management Environment (DME) technology offering. Provides input to the OSF on all aspects of the DME project. There are both technical and
business working groups.

Internationalization (118N)--Examines the requirements for internationalization support in OSF technology offerings, to define and prioritize them, to assist with any Requests for Technology, and to assist the OSF in producing technologies that meet the international market requirements.

Distributed Computing Environment (DCE)--Provides input and assistance to the OSF in the area of distributed computing. Specifically, it makes recommendations for enhancements, emerging technologies, and business-related issues and provides a liaison with relevant standards organizations.

Security (SEC)--Provides guidance to the OSF on issues regarding security across all OSF technologies. This SIG provides an effective two-way communications mechanism between the OSF and its member companies for security-relevant issues and covers activities of the OSF Research Institute, standards activities, evaluation efforts with U.S. and non-U.S. evaluation groups, and strategic planning.

Center for Information Technology Integration
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