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Projects : DCE : Experience

U-M's Experience With the OSF's DCE

Strategic Direction

The University intends to use DCE as a key piece of its strategy to achieve interoperability across a heterogeneous environment. The first DCE service up will be Security. We hope to have RPC-based applications running next year. We also intend to start rolling out DFS next year.

DCE Users Group of Michigan

DCE Production Cell

  • Used by CITI staff
  • 30 users, 35 machines
  • Servers: RS/6000 (IBM DCE 1.3 code)
  • Clients: RS/6000, Sun, HP, PC (windows, windows NT, OS/2)
  • Regular backups done
  • Intercell communication through DNS
  • DFS used extensively
    • User home directories
    • Used for large builds
    • 5 Gig disk space
    • 2 file server machines
  • Looking at security and CDS replication
  • Testing OSF DCE 1.1 code

Client/Server Exchange Program

  • Partnership between CITI and IBM from 1993-96
  • Services Provided:
    • Customized training and briefings on client/server computing
    • Multivendor interoperability lab for prototyping solutions
    • Help for customers in building pilot applications

Education Programs


  • CITI Projects Showcase
  • Business Case for Client/Server Computing
  • Planning a Client/Server Implementation
  • Getting Stated With DCE
  • DCE Features and Functionality (based on OSF)
  • DCE Applications Programming (based on OSF)
  • DCE System Administration (based on OSF)
  • DCE Internals (based on OSF)

DCE-Related Tech Reports

  • 95-1 Adamson, A., Rees, J., and Honeyman, P., "Joining Security Realms: A Single Login for Netware and Kerberos", February 1995.
  • 95-2 Khandker, M.A., Honeyman, P., and Teorey, T.J., "Performance of DCE RPC", January 1995.
  • 95-4 Blumson, S., Carter, M., and Hyde, D., "Automatic Insertion of Performance Instrumentation for Distributed Applications", February 1995.
  • 94-1 Carter, M., "Adding 50,200 Users to a DCE Registry: A comparison of OSF DCE V1.0.2 and IBM DCE/6000 V1.2", February 1994
  • 94-2 Lever, C., "Using DCS without DCE/LFS", January 1994.
  • 93-4 Howe, J., "an Environment for 'Sniffing' DCE-RPC Traffic", June 1993.
  • CITI Tech reports are available electronically vis AFS and by anonymous FTP to "", directory: /afs/
  • Online copies of the Tech reports.

DCE Utilities Developed

  • DCE-ized tools: xlock, console/telnet login, ftpd.
  • DCESuitcase - a collection of tools (shell scripts) for installing, configuring, administering, and living with DCE and DFS.
  • DFS Test Tools - extensions to Expect (TCP based tool) to talk directly to a DFS file server to perform operations as getting a fid for a file, opening the file and reading its contents.

DCE-Based Demo Programs

  • Demographics Demonstration Program (DDP)
  • Data Access with DCE (DAD) - access to RDBMS
  • DCE Web
  • Secure Web Access to Legacy Data
  • Accessing Student Records (Mandarin)
  • Big Ten Project (sharing transcripts)

DCE Application Tools

  • Visual DCE (Gradient)
  • Connection/DCE (Open Horizon)
  • Entera (Open Environment Corporation)
  • DATE (Bull)
  • EOS (Ellery Systems, Inc.)
  • Encina (Transarc)
  • OODCE (Hewlett-Packard)

Involvement with OSF

  • Ted Hanss - Director, CITI - Chairman of the OSF End User Steering Committee
  • Sarr Blumson - Senior SRP, Information Technology Division - co-author of DCE RFC 33
  • Technical participation in DCE SIG, Security SIG. projects | techreports | press | lab | location | staff Email address
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