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Projects: Linux scalability: Related resources

Mailing Lists

List FAQ Archive Home page
Official linux-kernel FAQ The Linux-Kernel Archive Kernel Traffic
linux-smp Linux SMP howto No home page
linux-mm No FAQ Home Page
linux-perf No FAQ No Archive Home Page

Resources on the Web

Bibliographies: Computer Science Bibliography
Core set of references
TCP/IP Research
LBL Network Research Group Papers
Scheduling Bibliography
Professional archives: USENIX
Source: Closest mirror of kernel source
UK Linux- Alan's diary- ac kernel series
Closest GNU archive- Alpha releases of GNU software
Metalab- Closest Metalab mirror
RedHat- mirrors- Closest RedHat mirror- Source RPMS
Linux documentation: Linux Resources
Linux Documentation Project
Linux System Administrators' Guide
Linux Kernel Hacker's Guide
Hardware Technical Specifications: Local copies- Intel- AMD K6 Tech Docs
Benchmark links: SPEC
Webstone information
Linux Webstone notes
ZDBOp benchmark page
HINT (tm)
HTTP Performance Overview
Miscellaneous goodness: A. Calahan's Linux Page
Linux Security Audit mailing list archive
High performance I/O systems
Linux Threads Home Page
Multithreaded programs on Linux
Getting started with POSIX threads
The Single UNIX Specification, Version 2
Caches and their design
Overview of Modern Processor Architecture
The RIO (RAM I/O) Home Page
The Linux High-Availability Project
The Linux Kernel Patch Archive
Open System Activity Reporter
NIST Net Home Page
SGI Developer Central - Open Source
The Open Source Page
Open Source Journalism
Mission Critical Linux
Wide Open News
Red Hat Center for Open Source
Linux Kernel Benchmark Suite

Home Pages

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