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Projects: Linux scalability: Tools

Local copies of Linux tools and add-ons

We maintain these to prevent link rot and to keep a consistent set of versions across all our installations.

Tom's single disk root bootdisk This tarball contains everything you need to create a highly-functional Linux rescue disk. [ Home ]
BootPart BootPart allows you to install Linux after you have installed other OSes. Running under NT, it slurps up Linux's boot sector and stuffs it into a file on your NT partition that can be used with OS Loader to multi-boot your machine. [ Home ]
bzip2 bzip is a new block-sorting file compressor. Patches and kernels are now being shipped using this form of compression. [ Home ]
Secure shell Secure shell (ssh) is a secure replacement for rlogin, rsh, and rcp. [ Home ]

Here's a script I created for starting sshd when the system boots.

Dug Song's AFS-Kerberos patch, ported to 1.2.27.

arla Arla is a freeware version of the Unix AFS client which builds on almost all flavors of Linux. This is version 0.27, which is known to work well. [ Home ]

And here's a script I created for starting arla when the system boots.

KTH Kerberos iv KTH Kerberos is an alternate implementation of MIT's Kerberos, used with Arla. [ Home ]
egcs The latest experimental GNU C compiler, version 1.1.1. [ Home ]
gcc The Gnu C compiler, version 2.8.1. [ Home ]
glibc Gnu's C run time library, version 2.0.6. [ Home ]
id-utils Greg McGary's "id" tools [ Home ]
imwheel imwheel is a daemon that supports the wheel on Logitech and Microsoft mice, and other mice with more than three buttons. [ Home - Mouse scroll page ]
Berkeley db Berkeley db is a suite of tools for creating Enterprise-strength database applications. [ Home ]
hdparm hdparm is a tool for adjusting filesystem and IDE disk performance. [ Home ]
procps The latest procps package has bugfixes for top, ps, and vmstat. [ Home ]
sar This is an unfinished Linux port of the sar performance reporting utility. [ Home ]
pcmcia This package support PCMCIA cards on Linux. [ Home ftp ]


profile.c Profile can read the kernel's profile buffer and generate an intelligent EIP histogram.
readprofile Readprofile is used to read and clear the Linux kernel's profile buffer. [ Home ]
lmbench The alpha 10 release of lmbench, a microbenchmarking suite. [ Home ]
nbench This is a copy of the Byte Linux benchmarks. [ Home ]
bonnie Bonnie is a UNIX filesystem benchmark. [ Home ]
Andrew benchmark The Andrew benchmark is contributed software that provides a standard offered file system load for measuring performance. [ Home ]
httperf httperf is a popular web server benchmark. [ Home ]
WebStone 2.5 The Web Stone benchmark, version 2.5. [ Home ]

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