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Projects: nfsv4perf: Bonnie: Local Linux


Client: The client was a 400 MHz k6-2 with 128 MB of RAM, running linux 2.4.2.
Server: Ran locally on the clients local filesystem.
Connection: N/A

Sequential Output Sequential Input Random Seeks
Per Char Block Rewrite Per Char Block
MachineFS TypeMbK/Sec %CPU K/Sec%CPU K/Sec%CPU K/Sec%CPU K/Sec%CPU /Sec%CPU
Linux ClientlocalFS1003477.798.4814947.1 36.833425.412.32979.178.527333.9 12.73134.163.22
Linux ClientlocalFS2003472.398.4512676.334.183327.611.69291977.177581.312.994.62.72
Linux ClientlocalFS5003546.199.3512804.1304189.512.882465.364.0112248.512.5277.932.09
Linux ClientlocalFS10003547.999.3912428.929.474187.713.22709.570.3712534.212.6266.631.82

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