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Projects: nfsv4perf: Bonnie: Local Linux


Client: The client was a 933 MHz dual Pentium 3 with 256 MB of RAM, running linux 2.4.2.
Server: Ran locally on the clients local filesystem.
Connection: N/A

Sequential Output Sequential Input Random Seeks
Per Char Block Rewrite Per Char Block
MachineFS TypeMbK/Sec %CPU K/Sec%CPU K/Sec%CPU K/Sec%CPU K/Sec%CPU /Sec%CPU
Linux ClientlocalFS1008757100159199.3 99.85105229.4100.089247.9100.02546257.1 99.2227458.96189.35
Linux ClientlocalFS2006947.910025514.213.917045.311.569003100362307.6100.0620206.7173.99
Linux ClientlocalFS5006407.591.576225.34.171774.98.572542.381.963160.67.7119.359.05
Linux ClientlocalFS10004866.872.145041.33.561784.99.132787.189.073115.17.7180.248.35

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