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Projects: nfsv4perf: Bonnie: NFS SunOS


Client: The client was a Solaris Ultra 1 system.
Server: The server was a 4 x 550 MHz system with 512 MB of RAM, running linux 2.4.2.
Connection: 10mb ethernet

Sequential Output Sequential Input Random Seeks
Per Char Block Rewrite Per Char Block
MachineFS TypeMbK/Sec %CPU K/Sec%CPU K/Sec%CPU K/Sec%CPU K/Sec%CPU /Sec%CPU
Linux ServerNFS10085113.21837.7 2.07468.91.631079.120.091087.81.6530.276.25
Linux ServerNFS200863.813.42849.92.1445.61.581082.519.981088.21.630.266.34
Linux ServerNFS500863.713.45863.12.15434.81.661032.519.071034.91.5429.526.36
Linux ServerNFS1000865.413.49856.22.144451.711014.218.761019.31.527.735.92

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