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Projects : Network Testing and Performance, Phase V


Please consult our FAQ for the main details of NTAP and SeRIF, what makes NTAP compelling, and lots of background and configuration information.


CITI's previous work, performed under a CITI/ITCom Statement of Work dated May 2, 2006, extended the Network Testing and Deployment (NTAP) framework for secure invocation of network testing tools on remote platforms. The extensions included investigation and demonstrated operation of 10 Gbps hardware within the NTAP framework and the addition of packet capture capability to the testing regime, storing securely for later analysis packets seen at a PMP during a test.

The primary goals of the partnership for FY 2007 are to integrate the thrulay tool (for measuring throughput and packet delay) with NTAP, to instrument and reorganize the data model for improved scalability, and to provide support for NTAP to campus core routers.

Detailed project goals are described in the MOU.

Download Code

Please review the project information and FAQ carefully for installation and configuration instructions.

  • NTAP PMP software
    • Current RPM (Redhat Fedora Core 2 distributions)
      pmp-0.6-1.i386.rpm (67 MB) (built 11:11 July 19, 2007)
    • Source and RPM build instructions available upon request

    Project Documents

  • MOU
  • Project information and FAQ (updated October 10, 2005)
  • Secure Network Performance Testing using SeRIF (MERIT Annual Meeting, Ann Arbor, June 2005)
  • Network Testing and Performance using SeRIF (MGRID Workshop, Ann Arbor, February 2005)
  • Previous Project Documents

  • FY 2002-2003 (Phase I)
  • FY 2003-2004 (Phase II)
  • FY 2004-2005 (Phase III)
  • FY 2005-2006 (Phase IV)
  • Personnel

    Charles Antonelli   

    Assistant Research Scientist, project technical lead

    David Richter

    Key grip, all gold-leaf appliqué

    Olga Kornievskaya

    Research Assistant

    Nathan Gallaher


    Project Sponsor

    ITCom, University of Michigan

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