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Projects : Secure Videoconferencing : SecureCom97

SecureCom97: The Computer and Telecommunications Security Forum

    April 27-May 1 1997

    INVITED TALK: High-Speed, High-Quality Encryption in Software

    S. Raj Rajagopalan, Research Scientist, Security and Cryptology Group, Bellcore

    The growth of the Internet as the medium for the transfer of proprietary data faces a fundamental obstacle: the lack of a fast and secure encryption algorithm to ensure the privacy of data in a heterogeneous networked environment. Some existing solutions like DES are believed to be highly secure but they do not perform well enough in software for many high-speed applications. Other solutions are fast in software but they do not have the trust of practitioners and cannot be related to any known trusted encryption algorithm. VRA Encryption is a new encryption algorithm that has provable security properties based on any trusted block cipher, and at the same time is fast enough in software for most high-speed applications. Furthermore, VRA Encryption has the feature of trading off security for speed or for memory, thereby allowing the user to tune the security level that is desired for each application. Our VRA Encryption prototype uses Triple-DES as the trusted cipher and is capable of encrypting a real-time duplex video conferencing application without any visible deterioration in quality. The talk will summarize our recent results on VRA Encryption and related areas. projects | techreports | press | lab | location | staff Email address
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