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Sample Programs Using GSS-API to call Kerberos V routines

Kerberos V Installation Details

Simple gss-server, gss-client program

  • Source: /afs/
  • Server installed on dopey ($(SRC)/../../../rs_aix41/appl/gss-sample)
    gss-server -port 906 gss-sample@dopey
  • Client tested from eros ($(SRC)/../../../rs_aix41/appl/gss-sample))
    gss-client -port 906 gss-sample@dopey Hello
    (first make sure to kinit to get credentials in the SINCITI realm. )
Install Details
  • Login as root on the Kerberos server machine.
    # /usr/local/sbin/kdb5_edit
    kdb5_edit: add_random_key gss-sample/
    kdb5_edit: quit
  • User "kdb5_edit" to create a "srvtab" file for the app server host machine.
    # /usr/local/sbin/kdb5_edit
    kdb5_edit: extract_srvtab gss-sample
    kdb5_edit: quit
    Tranfer the file to and install it as 'etc'v5srvtab'
  • Add the following line to /etc/services on and on all machines that will run the gss-client program.

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