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Projects : Smart Cards : Smartcard Filesystem

Smartcard Filesystem (SCFS)


Smartcard Filesystem allows you to mount ISO 7816-4 smartcards into UNIX file system.

In the current version, SCFS runs only on OpenBSD-2.6 or before. (Sorry. We would be grateful if you could contribute on porting this to other platforms. We think that if we rewrite SCFS as a NFS daemon, porting would be a lot easier ...) Supported cards are Schlumberger's Cyberflex Access, Multiflex, Payflex, and G&D STARCOS.


SCFS is based on Arla. Arla developers allow distribution of modified code, so this package include the Arla code as well.

The package contains two files, README.SCFS and INSTALL.SCFS. They should guide you how to install it and use it.


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