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Projects : Smart Cards

SCFS in Card

I was trying to put a configuration file (something like this) in a smartcard to store multiple keys in one smartcard for the Kerberos/smartcard project.
#princ realm key_num PIN
itoi UMICH.EDU 7 1234
honey CITIUMICH.EDU 8 1111
I noticed that the lack of UNIX filesystem inside the card hurt. You cannot read the entire file in one call because you do not know the logical length of the config file. You have to read one byte by one byte, making readBinary() call on every byte. (Is this right?) I suppose it is going to be very slow.

To avoid it, we should take advantage of the .i file of scfs. I suggest that we implement a set of functions to access smartcard files in UNIX style, i.e., open, close, read, write, lseek, and fgets will be really nice to parse config files.

And ... my dream is that every smartcard has .i file in its directory, and .i is updated on every access (not just via scfs). This way, we can use UNIX style files in smartcard from outside (via scfs) and from inside (via the functions). I suggest to implement the functions and write a document to convince smartcard vendors to implement UNIX metadata like .i by default, or to let us implement it for them.

How do you think?

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