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peter honeyman

i am research professor of computer science and engineering at the university of michigan.

in winter 2016, i am teaching the undergraduate course in operating systems.

brief bio
personal web page
it's me

more about me

my erdös number is 3, thanks to my very first journal publication.

my doctoral descendants

Aviel D. Rubin (Michigan, 1994)			AT&T Research JHU
	Fabian Monrose (NYU, 1999)		JHU UNC
		Sophie Yu Qiu (JHU, 2007)	Cisco
		Lucas Ballard (JHU, 2008)	Google
		Seny Kamara (JHU, 2008)		Microsoft Research
		Moheeb Rajab (JHU, 2008)	Google
		Charles Wright, III (JHU, 2008)	MIT Lincoln Labs
		Scott Eric Coull (JHU, 2009)	UNC RedJack
		Joshua Mason (JHU, 2009) 
	Adam Stubblefield (JHU, 2005)		JHU
	Sujata Garera (JHU, 2008)		Google
	Samuel Kevin Small (JHU, 2009)		JHU
 	Ryan Gardner (JHU, 2009)		JHU/APL
	Matthew W. Pagano (JHU, 2013)		
	J. Ayo Akinyele (JHU, 2013)		Zeutro
Daniel A. Muntz (Michigan, 1994)		HP Labs NetApp EMC
Lawrence B. Huston (Michigan, 1995)		Ipsilon Intel Arbor Networks
Tim Howes (Michigan, 1996)			Netscape AOL LoudCloud OpsWare HP Rockmelt Yahoo ClearStory Data
Naomaru Itoi (Michigan, 2001)			FresviiRipple
Terence P. Kelly (Michigan, 2002)		HP Labs
Niels Provos (Michigan, 2003)			Google
Dean Hildebrand (Michigan, 2007)		IBM
Jiaying Zhang (Michigan, 2007)			Google

official business

i am a member of usenix and aaas.

This page has been visited many times since january, 1994. it was last updated recently.
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