Information Attrition

What you perceive used to be my homepage. But though the notion of a homepage was novel a few years ago, today it seems more fitting to refer to it as a contribution to the worldwide information

at.tri.tion \*-'trish-*n\ \-'trish-n*l, -'trish-*n-*l\ n [L attrition-, 
   attritio, fr. attritus, pp. of atterere] [ME attricioun, fr. (assumed) ML 
   attrition-, attritio, fr. L]to rub against, fr. ad- + terere to rub - more 
   at THROW 1: sorrow for one's sins that arises from a motive other than that 
   of the love of God 2: the act of rubbing together : FRICTION; also : the 
   act of wearing or grinding down by friction 3: the act of weakening or 
   exhausting by constant harassment or abuse - aj
Some research that I do and projects that I work on:

Privilege Separation and Systrace are part of my effort to improve Cyber Security.

For those of us who are favored with an understanding of the German language, two rather old writings of mine:

To keep my creative chaos in reign I also maintain some notes, on things I have done, want to follow up on, or think are interesting in general. Recently, I also started Age of Ignorance to document some of the developments that lead to stifled innovation and the restriction of knowledge.