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Lab : CITI Administrator Notes

Various notes for CITI administrators

Cyclades AlterPath Console Server

Extreme Networks Summit Switch

Cisco 4948 Switch

HP Procurve 2910al Switch

Cisco 29xx Switch

D-Link DWL-7200AP Wireless Access Point


Windows information

Kerberos information

Power cycling a machine

  1. Depending on the controller, go to citi-power, iota-power, or i960-power.
  2. Log in
  3. Select "Outlets" from the left panel
  4. Change the "Control Action" for the desired machine to "Immediate Reboot"
  5. Click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the screen
  6. Don't forget to "Logout" from the left panel since only one user is allowed in at a time!

Machine room power

  1. Machine room rack and power configuration
  2. Machine to power-controller mapping

Power down procedure

  • Shut down sin, repo, and other machines except those listed below
  • Shut down citi
  • Shut down non-db afs file servers
  • Shut down afs and krb5 db servers
  • Turn off the UPS
  • Power-up is the same in reverse

O'Neal Contact information

  • Days: Andrew O'Neal 734-769-0770
  • Night and Weekend Emergencies (in order of preference):

    Arbor Maintenance 734-995-0322
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or call +1 734 763 2929
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