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Projects : Network Testing and Performance, Phase II


CITI's previous work, performed under a CITI/ITCom Memorandum of Understanding dated October 2, 2002, provided a successful Network Testing and Performance (NTAP) testbed for the deployment of secure network testing and performance tools, using Globus/GARA, KX509, KeyNote, AFS PTS for group membership, and policy-based packet routing, to allow secure invocation of network testing tools on remote platforms.

The primary goals of the partnership for FY 2003-2004 are to

  • Add automatic mapping of network test segments to the appropriate PMPs
  • Harden the testbed code for production use.
  • Deploy and measure performance of the NTAP code in the ITCom lab.
  • Record test results in a central database.
  • Investigate host endpoint testing.

Detailed project goals are described in the MOU.

Project Documents

  • MOU
  • Download Code

    See current project download information.


    Charles Antonelli   

    Assistant Research Scientist, project technical lead

    Nate Gallaher


    Olga Kornievskaya

    Research Assistant

    David Richter


    Project Sponsor

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