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Projects : Network Testing and Performance, Phase III


CITI's previous work, performed under a CITI/ITCom MOU dated October 2, 2003, extended the Network Testing and Deployment (NTAP) framework for secure invocation of network testing tools on remote platforms. The extensions included automatic mapping of network test segments to PMPs, hardening the testbed code for production use, deployment of the NTAP code in the ITCom lab, recording of test data in a central database, and display of test results.

The primary goals of the partnership for FY 2004-2005 are to provide a complete end-to- end automated NTAP framework, deploy it widely, integrate it with components of other institutions, and investigate 10 Gbps operations.

Detailed project goals are described in the MOU.

Project Documents

  • MOU
  • Download Code

    See current project download information.


    Charles Antonelli   

    Assistant Research Scientist, project technical lead

    Nate Gallaher


    Olga Kornievskaya

    Research Assistant

    David Richter


    Project Sponsor

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