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Projects : Network Testing and Performance, Phase IV


CITI's previous work, performed under a CITI/ITCom MOU dated December 22, 2004, extended the Network Testing and Deployment (NTAP) framework for secure invocation of network testing tools on remote platforms. The extensions included host endpoint testing to enable first mile performance testing using Richard Carlsons Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT), secure periodic network testing using renewable short-term credentials derived from the users long-term credentials, addition of the owamp and tcptraceroute tools, and addition of incremental

The primary goals of the partnership for the remainder of FY 2006 are to investigate 10 Gbps operation and add the capability to capture network test packets for further analysis.

Detailed project goals are described in the MOU.

Project Documents

  • MOU
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    Charles Antonelli   

    Assistant Research Scientist, project technical lead

    Project Sponsor

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