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EECS 498-7/8 Computer Security

Prof. P. Honeyman
MF 9-10:30 (Section 7: Lecture)
W 9-10 (Section 8: Discussion)
1005 Dow

This course introduces the principles and practices of cryptography, network security, and secure software.

The first half of the lecture content covers basic cryptographic methods, key distribution, and protocols for authenticated and confidential communications. Topics include block and stream ciphers, transposition, substitution, Feistel networks, DES, 3DES, IDEA, Blowfish, CAST-128, Rijndael, feedback and chaining modes, confidentiality, traffic analysis, key distribution, random number generation, public key cryptography, RSA, public key certificates, key distribution, Needham-Schroeder protocol, Diffie-Hellman key exchange, one-way hash functions, message authentication codes, weak and strong collision resistance, birthday attack, MD4, MD5, SHA-1, HMAC, digital signatures, mutual authentication, and replay attacks.

The latter half of the lecture content addresses the practice of network security. Topics include Kerberos, PGP, public key infrastructures, SSL, and IP security.

The discussion sections focus on secure software. Topics include risk management, open source vs. closed source, software auditing, buffer overflow, and race conditions.

This course is intended for advanced undergraduate or first-year graduate students. There will be weekly homework assignments, occasional programming assignments, and a midterm and final exams.

Required textbooks (available at online bookstores)

Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice, Third Edition
William Stallings
ISBN 0130914290
Please take care to purchase the Third Edition.

Building Secure Software: How to Avoid Security Problems the Right Way
John Viega and Gary McGraw
ISBN 020172152X

Supplementary textbooks (on reserve and available at online bookstores)

Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C, Second Edition
Bruce Schneier
ISBN 0471117099

Cryptography: Theory and Practice, Second Edition
Douglas Stinson
ISBN 1584882069

Handbook of Applied Cryptography
Alfred J. Menezes, Paul C. Van Oorschot, Scott A. Vanstone (Editor)
ISBN 0849385237 (free download available online)

Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World, Second Edition
Charlie Kaufman, Radia Perlman, Mike Speciner
ISBN 0130460192


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