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EECS 498-7/8 Computer Security: Resources


Butler Lampson, Protection

Butler Lampson, Computer Security in the Real World

Ross Anderson, Why cryptosystems fail

Roger M. Needham, Denial of service

Roger M. Needham, Denial of service: an example

Edward Wobber, Mart€n Abadi, Michael Burrows, Butler Lampson, Authentication in the Taos operating system

Butler Lampson, Mart€n Abadi, Michael Burrows, Edward Wobber, Authentication in distributed systems: theory and practice

M. Bishop and M. Dilger, Checking for Race Conditions in File Accesses, Computing Systems 9(2), pp. 131-152 (Spring 1996)


AES proposal
Rijmen's Rijndael page
Savard's description


Niels Provos' overheads

Study aids

W01 midterm exam
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